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For the Good: A Song for the Movement

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Chris Lee and Camm answered the call from Fit for Legacy Music to create a Song for the Movement: For the Good. What started out as a favor between a Godchild (Chris Lee) and his godmother (Melissa Lee West) turned into a Community Call to Action.

First came the pandemic and the plunge into more uncertainty

Second came the LIVE murder of George Floyd and the loss of human decency

Third came news of the murder of Breonna Taylor and the never-ending coverup

We needed to bring families home and fight infection.

We needed to demand justice while protecting our businesses.

We needed to drown out the noise and draw from those who came before us.

For the Good subtly and skillfully compels Black Communities to clear the cobwebs from the ancestors' trophy shelves and Rise Up and do What's Good for Our Neighborhood business, family, and The Village at large.

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