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a voice and a plan



About Fit for Legacy

Fit for Legacy works with Breadwinners, Business Owners, and Wealth Builders to create Legacy Plans that move them from "What If?" to "Who's Next?", so that the vision doesn't die with them.


Our Coaching and Consulting help you build with the end in mind: a lasting legacy. A legacy that lives beyond your natural life doesn't happen by chance: one must be prepared, proactive, and positioned, that is Fit for Legacy.


Prefer a group environment? Our Fit for Legacy Workshops, Seminars, and MotivateMe Speaking Series offer the same legacy tips at a group price.

From My Blog

Before the blog there were journals. Before journals there were diaries. Before diaries there were spiral notebooks. Before spirals there was construction paper. We are all writing legends 📝.

Start Your Journey

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“This was a wonderful session! I loved the BONUS material! Thanks Melissa and fellow students for bringing so much to the space!”

Shaunte Sparks Pegues

Sparks Inspiration

“I just want to thank you so much for the course and videos. They have really helped me with my daughter's business that she just started.”

John Bolden
Credit Restoration Services


“No more Email Overload for me! If you have not registered for this course, you are cheating yourself and your business!

Invest in You!”

Lisa Renee

Host, Be Radically Free 

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