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Wellness: We are the Ones

Heal You + Heal Me = Heal Us

Today’s post is near and dear to my heart because our nation (our community) is sick: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Here we are in the 21st century and the United States has the following claims to infamy:​

1. Being black and policed is a risk factor

2. Children still go hungry daily (

3. #FlintMichigan has poisoned water

These are troublesome conditions. We can turn them around. But first, we must heal.

Heal You

Are there aspects of your life: past and present, that impact your ability or willingness to create community, aligning on a common front? How can you heal YOU so that your light can shine? The world needs you, scars and all.

Heal Me

Growing up in the south left me with numerous reminders of the blatant, as well as covert racism that existed. A day did not go by that I wasn't reminded that the rules were different for me and peers who looked like me. My disdain for police stemmed from those post-football-game gatherings, during which the brown folks received warnings to head home and not loiter, while the white students were allowed to linger at the local Hardee's and drag race all night.

I'm almost 40 and shouldn't still hold this against police officers. I also shouldn't get nervous when an officer drives alongside or behind me, but I do.

I'll admit that I need healing. Today, the only police officer I want to hug is the one I grew up with. The rest of them get immediate side-eye, and I need to fix that. That's my challenge. I'm working on it.

I’d like us to work on healing together.

Heal the Community

If we all commit to healing as individuals and then lock arms with our friends, family and local businesses to create a healthy community, we can stop the madness we currently have on our hands.

Let's reverse the curse and get famous for doing the right thing, just because it's the right thing to do.

Heal You + Heal Me = Heal Us
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