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3 Reasons You Need A Power Trip

Finally, you've hit your stride and have started believing in yourself! You now know that YOU have the power to create the life you’ve always imagined. So, what’s next?

Take a weekend Power Trip. Sound crazy? It’s not. Weekend getaways aren’t just for the rich and famous.

Here are three ways you can benefit from a weekend Power Trip:

1. Focus

With our always-on culture, just staying focused on one task for 20 minutes can be a challenge. Stealing away to mind-map can be just the muse you need to keep the momentum going in your professional and personal life.

2. Polish your Portfolio

They say that luck is where preparation meets opportunity. If the only thing standing between you and $1 million, was a list of all of your accomplishments, would you be able to accept the offer? If not, use a Power Trip to make sure you’re ready for success. Turn on your favorite tune and brainstorm your brag sheet. Who needs to exaggerate when you’ve learned how to excel in life?

3. Recharge your Batteries

Back when I first started traveling as a consultant, I actually loved sleeping in hotels because it forced me to accept the gift of self-care. I would leave in the morning and meet with clients and return to a hotel room that was "clean" and turned down with my favorite chocolate. I didn't have to worry about laundry, dishes, or even making my bed every morning. Instead of mundane household tasks, I was able to read more, write more, and dream more.

Your Power Trip can help you to recharge your spirit and boost your happiness, because for once someone is serving you. You're worth it.

What do you think about this type of Power Trip?

  • Where would you go?

  • What's the biggest reason that you'd hesitate?

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