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Do-It-Yourself =Dead On Arrival aka Stop Stress, Delegate, and Automate to a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Running a business can become overwhelming when you’re doing everything yourself. What started out as a great idea has turned into a mountain of tedious administrative tasks making it hard to get back to what you love. Small companies and solopreneurs everywhere are regaining control with Virtual Assistants and Automation. 

Why Should I Automate?

No matter what your business is, an online presence is necessary to stay competitive. The internet gives you access to more customers/clients than any other medium, how you manage that access determines much of your success. Outsourcing admin tasks to capable VA will put you back into the driver’s seat. Innovation is the lifeblood of every successful business and your growth is dependent on it. The VA will give you the freedom to do what you do best.

Hiring VA contractors is also a savvy way to save money on payroll. Since they typically work remotely and handle very specific outlined tasks, you won’t have to pay them as much as an in house employee. With automation in place, your staffing needs are limited to the creative team and other respective leaders as needed. High-level tasks like marketing, sales/purchasing, order processing, payroll, content management, can all be done virtually.

Virtual Assistants can also perform lower skill level assignments. Simple bookkeeping, email, and calendar management are a few examples. Many can also provide website copy and coordinate social media posts to increase sales and visibility. 

How Do I Automate Effectively?

Most business owners considering automation start by identifying workflow processes that are easy, repetitive, and time-consuming. This may need to be revisited as time goes on. Then, if they haven’t already, they outline policies and procedures that can be implemented by the VA. This helps to make the transition seamless. 

There are operational functions every business performs that can be automated to optimize time and workflow. CRM companies like HubSpot and Freshworks have created software to streamline many of these functions. Their platforms enable your VA to execute your marketing, sales, and content strategy. Scheduling promotions, blog posts, email campaigns are just a few of the capabilities these companies provide.

Sales, accounting, and order processing can be automated by using platforms like Salesforce and Webgility. While tasks such as data entry and document automation can be optimized by Nintex or Conexiom. The software you find most useful will be based on what your business does. The product/service you offer will determine your priorities in relation to the CRMs you consider.

Can I Automate without A CRM?

Although CRMs improve efficiency, they’re not a requirement. Your virtual assistant can utilize other avenues if the budget is tight. Scheduling promos and content publishing can be done using websites like WordPress and Wix, however there would need to be a structure in place for building email lists organically. It can be somewhat tedious but that’s why outsourcing is essential. Great VA’s help you get back to work.

There are several inexpensive and free resources available to reach your business goals. You can get results with Facebook ads by setting your own budget. Your VA can create a campaign based on your standardized marketing strategy to attract customers and generate leads. Hubspot has free CRM analytics they call “pipeline management” that gives you invaluable information that can help increase your customer retention. 

You decide on the extent of the VA’s involvement. It is their job to help your business grow by facilitating administrative duties. Whether you are just getting started or if you’re ready to scale, they are there to simplify things through creative problem solving. 

Where Can I Find a Virtual Assistant?

Qualified VAs can be found in various ways. Agencies, Linkedin and other social media outlets, as well as typical job boards, can be used to find VAs. Companies like Zirtual staff virtual assistants for more simple tasks such as booking travel and email management. Whereas Boldly Premium Staffing is catered toward more high-level business assignments like marketing and sales funnels. Independent business consultants that offer back-office support can be found on social media platforms such as Linkedin and Twitter. If you prefer to put an ad on Indeed or another job board, you’re more likely to get overwhelmed with inquiries but you may find the help you need. 

It’s Time to Get Automated

Virtual Assistants are the most practical way for small businesses to increase profits and prevent backlog. According to, hiring a virtual assistant over a full-time employee saves up to 78% in operating costs. This extra money can used for other expenses as needed or put into a reserve. In either case, it’s a win-win. You’ve got high a quality VA and more money in your pocket. 

Your creative team needs space and time to drive the company forward and VA automation makes this possible. The time and energy saved by automation are invaluable to your success. All growing entrepreneurs get to the point when they need to revamp operations to accommodate their growth without breaking the bank. Companies resistant to change will get swept away by the competition. When being involved in the day to day tasks is no longer an option, the answer is simple my friend, it’s time to leverage VA’s and automate. 

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